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Labor Attorney in Houston

If you need a labor attorney in Houston, call the Law Office of Mark A. Sanders for powerful representation and a proven track record of success. We protect both employers and employees with the highest level of skill, experience and knowledge.

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You work hard for the money you earn, whether you are a business owner or an employee. In today’s uncertain economy, every penny counts. We can help you protect what you have worked hard to achieve.

A labor attorney in Houston can bring swift and thoughtful resolution to disputes in the workplace. Because we are able to reach across both sides of the table in different cases, we have important insight into strategies used by opposing counsel. We have won numerous cases for clients. Let us see how we can help you in your situation. Our services are confidential, efficient and respectful of your budget.

As a corporate lawyer who is well versed in labor relations issues, my team and I have the resources to help you resolve:

  • Texas Workforce Commission claims
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Employment discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Race discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Federal compliance issues
  • Non-compete contract violations
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Overtime Issues

A labor attorney in our firm stands ready to discuss all of your employment law problems. No matter what stage of your career or business, we can help you prevent and resolve workplace issues with assurance and skill. Our experience encompasses 25 years of handling the needs of both employers and employees seeking fair and just resolution.

Court Call a labor attorney if you are an employee who feels you have been shortchanged on the wages you have earned and the hours you have worked. In these lean times, you must not be afraid of demanding money that is rightfully yours. A free, no obligation call to our firm will help you learn whether your employer has violated the Fair Labor Standards Practice Act and state workers’ rights laws.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, you must take the initiative to seek justice. We can discuss your rights, options and a plan of action. With an aggressive and tenacious attorney by your side, you can take control of your work life and financial path.

Call a labor attorney in Houston if you are an employer seeking advice about federal and state guidelines, or if you are facing legal action by an employee. All suits against you must be taken seriously, even those which you think are retaliatory or frivolous. In all cases, you need an aggressive, savvy law team behind you to fight back. Your reputation and your hard-earned assets are at stake.

Small and medium sized companies, especially, can benefit from our tried and true experience. We can add value to your business environment as well as your professional development. A free, no obligation call to our skillful legal team can clear up any confusion and answer your questions. We can help you understand your obligations as an employer while still respecting your employees’ rights under the law.

Both employers and their workers need aggressive legal advice in situations regarding equal rights. An employer is not permitted to discriminate based on personal factor such as age, race, marital status, and in particular cases, disability. Such charges should be taken seriously by both sides. However, the waters can appear murky in individual situations. You need the benefit of seasoned legal help to see how case law applies in your situation.

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Mark A. Sanders, PC is a labor attorney in Houston, Katy, West Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford, Jersey Village, West University and Piney Point Village, Texas.