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Houston Commercial Debt Collection

Debtors Refusing to Pay?

Contact the law office of Mark A. Sanders to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. Our attorneys will review the facts and details needed to compel debtors to make good on orders for supplies, manufactured goods and services. Learn how the law firm can expedite commercial collections through processes and services including the following:

  • Gathering and organizing necessary documentation of orders placed and outstanding debts
  • Drafting and sending letters of collection
  • Negotiation of satisfactory, favorable resolutions resulting in overdue income for your business
  • Litigating commercial claims

Extensively experienced with all phases and all varieties of commercial debt collection, including turnover orders, deed restriction enforcement and other proven methods and techniques, you can rest assured our experience will be working for you.

A business's bottom line is in clear view—Legal fees for collections must not consume excessive amounts of resulting profit. Efficient and effective methodology is the key to ensuring that the benefits of commercial debt collection far outweigh the costs. Potential clients along with their attorney analyze and consult on "return on investment" projections in commercial debt collections.

Are You the Consumer, Wronged Through Fraud Deceptive Trade Practices?

The law office of Mark A. Sanders also represents consumers who have valid claims against commercial or business entities including the following:

Call or e-mail to schedule a consultation regarding Texas commercial debt collection or deceptive trade practices. Explore legal remedies appropriate to a given set of circumstances.